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THE FAR SIDE OF JERICHO, director: Tim Hunter, producer: Tom Shell FIRST LOOK INTERNATIONAL
STEALING SINATRA, director: Ron Underwood, producers: Ron Ziskin, David Collins SHOWTIME
DANTE'S PEAK, with Howard Smith and Conrad Buff, director: Roger Donaldson, producers: Gale Ann Hurd, Ilona Herzberg. UNIVERSAL
STEAL BIG, STEAL LITTLE, with Don Brochu, director: Andrew Davis, producers: Andrew Davis, Lowell Blank. SAVOY
HIDEOUS MUTANT FREAKZ, with Malcolm Campbell, directors: Alex Winter & Tom Stern, producers Harry and Mary Jane Ufland. FOX
CAPTAIN RON, director: Thom Eberhardt, producers: Ralph Winter, David Permut, Paige Simpson. DISNEY
HONEY, I BLEW UP THE KID, with Michael Stevenson and Harry Hitner, director: Randal Kleiser, producer: Ed Feldman. DISNEY
MYSTERY DATE, director: Jonathan Wacks, producer: Cathleen Summers. ORION
DELIRIOUS, with Bill Gordean, producer/director: Tom Mankiewicz, producer: Douglas Clayborne. MGM
EXPLORERS, director: Joe Dante, producers: Ed Feldman, David Bombyk, Mike Finnell. PARAMOUNT
GREMLINS, director: Joe Dante, producers: Steven Spielberg, Mike Finnell. WARNER BROS.
TWILIGHT ZONE, THE MOVIE (SEGMENT #3), director: Joe Dante, producers: Jon Davison, Mike Finnell. WARNER BROS.
HEARTBEEPS, director: Allan Arkush, producer: Michael Phillips. UNIVERSAL
MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI, director: Bill Norton, producers: George Lucas, Howard Kazanjian. UNIVERSAL
THE DRIVER, director: Walter Hill, producer: Larry Gordon. FOX
EAT MY DUST, director: Charles Griffith, producer: Roger Corman. NEW WORLD PICTURES
DEATH RACE 2000, director: Paul Bartel, producer: Roger Corman. NEW WORLD PICTURES
BIG BAD MAMA, director: Steve Carver, producer: Roger Corman, John Davison. NEW WORLD PICTURES
MACON COUNTY LINE, director: Richard Compton, producer: Max Baer. AIP


THE VALLEY OF LIGHT, director Brent Shields, producer: Andrew Gottlieb, executive producer: Richard Welsh. HALLMARK for CBS
THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS, director Ron Underwood, executive producer: Mark M Wolper. WARNER BROTHERS TELEVISION for NBC
IN FROM THE NIGHT, director Peter Levin, executive producers: Richard Welsh, Brent Shields. HALLMARK for CBS
THE WEBSTER REPORT, director Barry Sonnenfeld, producers: Theresa Rebeck, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, Barry Sonnenfeld. WARNER BROTHERS for CBS
BACK WHEN WE WERE GROWNUPS, director Ron Underwood, producers: Richard Welsh, Brent Shields. HALLMARK for CBS

PLAINSONG, director Richard Pearce, producers: Richard Welsh, Brent Shields, Orly Adelson. HALLMARK for CBS

THE ONE, director: Ron Lagomarsino, producers: Orly Adelson, Alan Jacobs. ABC FAMILY CHANNEL
THE WEST WING, (seasons 1 and 2) executive producers: Aaron Sorkin, Thomas Schlamme, John Wells. WARNER BROTHERS TELEVISION for NBC
BEHIND THE MASK (MOW), with Charles Bornstein, director: Tom McLoughlin, producers: Stanley Brooks, Barry Morrow and Richard Heus. CBS
A WILL OF THEIR OWN (five-hour mini series), director: Karen Arthur, producers: David L. Wolper, Mark M Wolper, Lynn Roth, Susan Nanus, Elliot Friedgen. WARNER BROTHERS TELEVISION for NBC
LABOR OF LOVE, director: Karen Arthur, producer: Ken Raskoff. ABC PICTURES for LIFETIME
SAVED BY THE LIGHT (MOW) director: Lewis Teague, producer: Ken Raskoff. FOX
TOM CLANCY'S OP CENTER (four-hour mini series), director: Lewis Teague, producers: Brandon Tartikoff, Tom Clancy, Steve Sohmer. NBC
PARTY OF FIVE (pilot), director: Richard Pearce, executive producers: Amy Lippman, Chris Keyser, line producer Ken Topolsky. COLUMBIA TELEVISION
JUST ME AND YOU (MOW), director: John Erman, producer: Roger
 Gimble. CBS

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