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Tina Hirsch’s first theatrical feature was the box-office sleeper, MACON COUNTY LINE.  Her work caught the eye of legendary producer-director, Roger Corman, who hired her to edit three of his classic films, BIG BAD MAMA, DEATH RACE 2000 and EAT MY DUST.

Soon after she entered the more main-stream “studio” world, editing THE DRIVER for Walter Hill, who was a fan of the Corman films, and MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI for George Lucas.  Then she teamed up with Joe Dante and Steven Spielberg.  They did TWILIGHT ZONE, THE MOVIE and GREMLINS together.  The films EXPLORERS, MYSTERY DATE, CAPTAIN RON and DANTE’S PEAK followed.

In the mid ‘90’s Hirsch began working in television.  Among other things, she edited the pilot for PARTY OF FIVE, the mini-series, TOM CLANCY’S OP CENTER (for which she was given an Eddie nomination), the Hallmark Hall of Fame film, based on the Anne Tyler novel, BACK WHEN WE WERE GROWNUPS (for which she was given an Eddie and Emmy nomination),and the acclaimed television series THE WEST WING (for which she won an Eddie and was given an Emmy nomination). 

In July 2000 she was the first woman to be elected President of the American Cinema Editors (the honorary society of film editors). 

Tina has been an Adjunct Professor of editing at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts since 2003.


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